Incredibly Strong New Anti-Trump Ad Shows Frightening Reality Of A Presidency Under Him (VIDEO)

As the general election nears, and with Donald Trump officially securing enough delegates to force Republicans to hand their party over to him, eyes and attention are starting to pivot away from the last remnants of the primary season.

Now that we know for certain who is going to be the Republican nominee, the knives are coming out and taking aim at Trump in totally new ways that frankly, it will be nearly impossible for him to overcome. It’s only the beginning of summer, and already there’s a massive amount of anti-Trump media being released. What makes it even worse for Donald is that most of it will look like the absolutely devastating video below.

This latest anti-Trump ad shows just how brutal it’s going to be for Donald. His months and months of hate speech, bigotry, xenophobia, and racism are now finally coming back to haunt him. The ad below is just the first of an immensely powerful onslaught that is going to be coming at Donald.

That ad showed some of the worst elements in our modern-day history of racial injustice, inequality, and violence. However, that’s not the most frightening part. The bit that really scares the hell out of me personally is how accurately Donald’s own voice-over fits with it. It’s like he literally went back in time, watched the racial unrest of the 60s, and narrated it for a documentary.

This is the kind of America that Donald wants to take us back to. Make no mistake; he isn’t talking about anything other than this. It isn’t about noisy protesters at his “private” rallies, and it isn’t about people protesting in the streets. The message is that if someone is different from you, it’s ok to use violence – whether civilian or by policing – to subdue, harm, and arrest them for no crime other than being different. It also excuses your behavior by suggesting that since this is how they did it “in the good old days” that it’s acceptable to relive that dark time in our history.

In the 60’s it was being black. Today it’s being Muslim and even more recently LGBT. Republicans are literally, not figuratively, trying to re-legalize hatred and discrimination in America. We fought a war over the idea that certain people were “lesser” than other people. We know how it turned out and who won that fight. We don’t need to go down that road again.

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  • charlene Haupt

    This is so scary because not only is it possible, but we have already seen it in action. This man is, according to sane people, a psychotic misanthrope, a throwback to the worst in us from decades ago. At worst, he is a wannabee dictator whose only interest in the people is to have them bow to him and accept all his bigotry and discrimination as the “taking of America back”.

    If you believe in the presence of evil, this is the face of it.

  • Michael

    How is it that so many people are willing to support his kind of rhetoric? Mostly because there are still enough intolerant, biased, tendentious (synonymous with prejudicial), discriminatory, partisan, denominational, (funny how that word is synonymous with bigoted), chauvinistic (just one more synonym for all the previous adjectives), antipathetic, hostile, (I could go on and on), party pooping plebeians, who still ascribe to the tenet “unless you are like me then you are less than me”. Slowly, as our children become adults, even those who bear the relationship with their lineage, I hope tolerance will not just survive but prosper.

    Even my father has animosity toward those who he just can’t appreciate as being just another human being. Still I tolerate him because he is my Dad. Trying to encourage him to acknowledge his unwillingness to accept life in all its forms is like spitting into the wind; although when I ask him “Dad, show me where it hurts”, when he complains of seeing two men hold hands or (hell no, kiss) he pauses for a moment.

    I always relate going through an excruciating ordeal to relieve a growing affliction like this: say you hit your thumb nail with a hammer. It begins to swell and the pain becomes ever greater due the relentless pressure building beneath. I know that drilling into the nail will relieve the pressure, but knowing as well the significantly more severe pain while doing so will be extreme, I hesitate to begin the process.

    The pain of intolerance still so invasive within our culture (hell the world’s cultures) will continue to swell until the intolerance of such agony becomes too much to sustain. Then those who are not tolerated with equality will retaliate. Or not, and be forever suppressed because the pain to proclaim their identities overwhelms their desire to do just that.

    Justice? The word has a dictionary meaning. From, the first definition is “the quality of being just; righteousness, equitableness, or moral rightness:” It is sad to know that its meaning is unique to those too ignorant or deviant to accept the reality that constitutionality is all inclusive.

    Our future as a country, once portrayed as the melting pot, will either be to finally and completely accept individuality, (which is seemingly counter intuitive) or succumb to the homogeneous ideal of those who prescribe their faith(?) to a narcissist.

    The question is: will all the various factions; religious, political, or other societal divisions come together in a peaceful coexistence?

    Or not?