Internet Reacts To Julian Assange’s HUGE Hillary Bombshell And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Julian Assange had been promising for a while now that Wikileaks would be releasing an absolutely huge bombshell which would completely end Hillary Clinton’s campaign for president. The day for the big reveal came. Assange, capitalizing on the Wikileaks name, had people tuned in from all around the world including many conservatives in America.

Everybody was watching. Assange’s press conference began — and quickly turned into an infomercial. The event ended up being a celebration of Wikileaks’ 10th anniversary. There was no Hillary bombshell as promised. There was almost no substantial talk of the elections at all.

Julian Assange tricked the world into attending Wikileaks’ 10th birthday party so he could make everyone listen to how “successful” he’s been in becoming a fugitive confined to a building in London. He has nothing on Hillary, in spite of the insistence by American conservatives that he did.

The internet reacted quickly to his shenanigans:

The next one wins the prize for comedy. Julian Assange’s whistle-blowing comes with a “twist.” There is no whistle but his leaks sure do blow.

Julian Assange

A comment from another source hoped it wouldn’t be like when Geraldo opened Al Capone’s vaults on live TV to find nothing. It was even worse. At least Capone’s vaults had dirt in them.


The most epic commentary of all came from Alex Jones, who called Julian Assange a sex toy.

After all the hype, Assange failed to deliver. What makes it worse is he knew he had nothing, but went ahead with his publicity campaign anyway. To make it even worse, he then promised again that information regarding the U.S. election would be leaked over the next few weeks. Did he learn nothing?

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Of course, our media will be obligated to keep paying attention. I’m sure they will be the first to hear about how one time Hillary didn’t leave a tip in the jar at a coffee shop, or how her sleeping with a nightlight on increases fossil fuel usage.

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