Internet Whiz Sean Spicer Left His Venmo Account Public, So You Know What Happened Next

Sean Spicer just doesn’t know how to internet. He doesn’t. He has tweeted his own Twitter password before, and it didn’t just happen once. He is as inept at being on the web as he is in press secretary-ing. And, that’s saying something because he is REALLY bad at press secretary-ing. Period.

It was discovered that the little angry man in a suit sized at least three sizes too big has a Venmo account which was open to the public. For those who don’t know, Venmo is an app that can be used to send and receive money.

Well, like clockwork the internet responded brilliantly. Spicer has now been flooded with requests for cash from all over the country.

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People are asking Spicer for money for M&Ms and Dippin’ Dots to Radical Moose Lambs and Bowling Green bowling leagues.



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Now, there isn’t any way to truly verify that this is actually Spicer’s Venmo account, other than looking at the fact that it has had two transactions on it from over the summer. Both payments are in the same names of his IRL siblings: Ryan and Shannon.

We shall await Spicer’s response of:

I have no outstanding Venmo requests. Period!

Bwahahahahaha! Stupid, Spicey.

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