‘Is This, Like, A Telethon Or Something?’: The Internet Kicks Trump Right In The Inaugural Balls (TWEETS)

Sam Moore. The Piano Guys. Tony Orlando. Pelican212. These are all names of entertainment you would normally expect to see in the lineup at a retirement home’s annual “bring back the 50’s” themed Bingo night but this year, that was what we got at the Inaugural Ball celebrating Donald Trump’s rise to power.

The vibe on Friday night was exactly the sort one would expect from a dude who immediately scrubbed the White House web site of anything related to civil rights, health care, and climate change and signed an executive order intended to strip health care from millions. At one point, someone’s kids even got onstage and started playing with the instruments. (Wait…they were an actual scheduled act? Good lord).

If it seems to you that Trump just grabbed half his acts off a street corner where they were previously performing at night while begging for money, you’re probably right. Here’s video of Pelican 212 doing exactly that:

If you missed it and want to know how bad it was, you don’t need to look much farther than Twitter, where the world joined together to mock an event that perfectly demonstrated the effects of everyone with actual talent right down to the Bruce Springsteen cover band telling you to go fuck yourself:

In a way, this was the inaugural ball America deserved after placing someone in office (with honorable mentions to Vladimir Putin for his hacking and propaganda efforts) who makes George W. Bush seem likable. This is just one in a long series of trainwrecks to come. Stay tuned.

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