Islamophobic Trumpsters Take Ignorance Up A Notch With Their Support For These Idiotic Policies

Lord Cheeto’s supporters all have several things in common. They’re all under the impression that his presidency is some cry for change by a majority of Americans, which is a delusional fantasy. They’re all anti-Muslim, believing that 2 billion people have vowed to kill us all — millions of whom reside in the US — yet somehow we’re still here. Last but certainly not least, they’re all incredibly stupid.

They have to be. If you’ve ever spent more than 5 minutes in a conservative group or reading conservative “news,” you’ve seen more idiocy, ridiculous conspiracy theories and butchering of the English language than any one person should have to bear. You’ve also seen the word “patriotism” hijacked and redefined to include the abolition of the rights of minorities, the LGBTQ community and any religion that isn’t Christianity. They are also willing to sh*t all over several of the Amendments in order to create their utopian society of God, guns and gullibility.

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While perusing the timeline of one of my conservative profiles, (Liberal Trolls keep several in order to stay informed on the dark side), I ran across a little gem that I couldn’t help but laugh out loud at. I can’t disclose exactly where I saw it, because it was a post from one of my alt’s “friends” and could blow my cover. I can, however, share with you what the post was about.

First you have to understand the setting. This “friend,” who uses a bald eagle for a profile picture and a group of Muslims from a third-world scenario as a cover photo to describe their hatred for the religion, posted this with a “friends only” privacy setting to show his enthusiasm for a policy he thinks would be great here in America:

If you’re a gun-humping Trump turd, this is just what the Islamophobic doctor ordered. What’s better than the dumbass meme was the dumbass discussion that followed. Point by point they justified their stupidity for the “safety” of the American people. Fasting on Ramadan, for example,  should be banned because the Muslim kids in Dearborn, Michigan are beating up the Christian kids who don’t practice the tradition. That, of course, is a crock of sh*t.

There was much discussion about the Islamic beard because, you know, Duck Dynasty, but ultimately it was decided that the Islamic beard is a specific length with no mustache, so…watch out, Amish married men…You’re next. Muslims being banned from hotels would keep the big cities safer from suicide bombers, because there’s a possibility they could be exposed and detonate inside the building before they were captured. That would be somehow worse than detonating outside the building or inside of a different building.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Muslim kids can’t follow Islam because then they’d grow up to be Muslim adults. They didn’t seem to want to talk about the Namaz issue until I brought up that it means “pray” or “salaat.” Suddenly it became the most evil of traditions and should absolutely be banned forever from existence everywhere. How dare people want to pray in public. Yes, you see what I did there.

The one child law for all Muslims seemed to be popular, though chemical sterilization as a condition of immigration was much more attractive. Again, you can’t make this stuff up. The razing of mosques was confusing to some who couldn’t differentiate between razing and raising, but once they understood that it meant “destroy,” they were all for it. The number of comments for having them destroyed with people praying inside was staggering. It seems detonating explosives in an occupied building is only bad if you’re a Muslim.

The next question I had to ask myself was, “who the hell came up with that list?” It looks extreme but it’s almost too specific to be the product of the mind of any of these idiots. A quick Google search of the image revealed the source:

That’s right, you morons. Your perfect anti-Muslim policy comes from none other than the communist nation of China. Not only that, the original meme had to be altered to switch the one child law from “all citizens” to “all Muslims” because you 19 and counting inbred rednecks who buy into this crap would never give up your rights to increase the marriage pool amongst your offspring.

For those of you who think Liberal Trolls are too hard on Trumpsters and that we need to show empathy and try to unify our nation, this is what we deal with. The conservative side of Facebook isn’t “conservative” in the traditional sense at all. They are straight-up asshole racists and bigots who have no clue what freedom, liberty or patriotism actually mean.

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