It Took A Solid 3 Minutes To Stop Laughing After Trump’s Latest ‘I’m A Stupid Hypocrite’ Tweet

Orange Foolius is quite proud of himself today, having signed a ridiculous executive order that spits in the face of everything he has stood for since his descent into madness on that escalator nearly two years ago to announce his run for the presidency. So proud he tweeted about, because…of course he did:

Isn’t that fantastic? A Presidential Advisory Commission on Election Integrity! We’re saved! All elections can now be run with the same flair and charisma as the Trump campaign and still be considered to have “integrity.” The only real question is, when are the classes and will there be a catered lunch?

Yeah, it’s almost that much fun until you actually read it. So, here’s the gist — (excuse me for paraphrasing) — :

The Vice President shall chair a commission of not more than 15 people with zero qualifications appointed because he owes them a favor. That commission will study federal election laws and report back to the president anything they see fit to change that will advance the Republican party through voter suppression. They will call these things “voter fraud” and other such colorful names.

The president shall, after hearing all of the total bullsh*t spewed by the fake commission, sign pieces of paper and announce legislation that will make it even easier for wealthy white men to continue to control the United States even though the Democrats get more votes and have more support.

The commission is, essentially, a f*cking joke perpetrated on the American people and their electoral system that will do nothing but help cover-up the nefarious deeds of assholes like the president and his buddy Vlad Putin.

That pretty much covers it. Any questions?

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