It Took Trump Three Whole Tweets Into 2017 To Be A Complete Douche

His first tweet was benign enough. Same old “Make America great again” crap. The second was a shot at Chicago, because his loyal turds love to hate Obama’s hometown. His third and fourth? Complete doucheville:

Just…what was the purpose of that, other than proving yet again that you are the world’s most shallow, egotistical living Oompa Loompa? What purpose does it serve for you to continue to pound this idea that 306 is some landslide into the heads of the daft? Do you seriously not realize that you serve no purpose other than making a fool of yourself with these tweets? Do you not realize that in just 18 days that same sentiment spreads to our country’s highest office?

Trump loves the narrative that he was elected in some populist mandate that was the biggest victory ever seen in American history, when the reality is he got spanked at the polls by three million votes. Had it not been for a great ground game, none of which was his doing, in three midwest states that turned out 77K more votes than Clinton\, we’d still be waiting for recounts and lawsuits to conclude as he and 62 million of his most loyal idiots refused to accept the results of the election.

Well, Lord Cheeto, the election is over. We understand. You will be president. regardless of how you got there, you’ll be there. We will all suffer because of it. Those of us with a shred of intelligence who voted for someone other than you will weather the storm and hope your minions learn their lesson when the wall never happens and their retirement and safety nets disappear.

Until then, we’ll just point out when you’re a complete tool. Every. Single. Time.

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