Ivanka Trump Jumps Head First Into Idiocy, Makes A Fool Of Herself On National Television (VIDEO)

Ivanka Trump doesn’t seem to want to have much to do with politics. Compared to her brothers, for example, she has been mostly quiet on social media and made few political appearances on behalf of her father. When she does come into the clearing in the woods where the stupids are camping, it’s typically to advocate for the one thing she seems to want to get behind: Mothers and childcare.

Monday night, Lord Cheeto, with Ivanka glaring behind him, rolled out a plan to take money from unemployment and shift it to child care. offering a non-solution to a problem facing millions of single parents in this country while simultaneously lying about Hillary Clinton’s stance on the issue.

Morning Joe covered it perfectly Wednesday:

Not only is Trump a liar, he was called out for it immediately by Clinton, who posted her childcare plan for all to see before she even declared her candidacy — a plan that dwarfs Trump in benefits and offers actual solutions on how to pay for it.

It’s understandable that Ivanka, who is obviously passionate about this issue, would parrot what her father said since she’s too busy with her online shoe sales to engage in his campaign or to find out what’s happening in the real world. It may have been a good idea, however, for someone to inform her that Dad, who couldn’t care less about the lies he tells, was about to destroy any credibility she had by putting false notions in her head before she went live on national television and made a fool of herself:

Her answer when somebody finally told her she’s wrong? Clinton has been in public office and we haven’t, she could have instituted those policies and hasn’t. When presented with the lie, make it even more ridiculous. Congratulations, Ivanka, you’ve proven yourself to be just as Trump as the rest of them.

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Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton will now be able to laugh in their faces as she shows the policies she’s advocated for over the past three decades. Big mistake, Donald. You threw poor Ivanka under the bus there, didn’t you? Shameful.

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