J.K. Rowling Just Expertly Shut Down All The Trolls Whining About Women’s Day

J.K. Rowling is one of our most favorite people is the whole wide world. Not only does she write amazing books that keep us begging for more even after the series has ended, but she is a staunch progressive who hates the regressive right–and is very vocal about it. Yes, we want to gay marry her and we know you do too! And this morning she once again proved why.

While wishing everyone a happy International Badass Day (Women’s Day for all of you who are confused…i.e. any conservative reading this) Rowling expertly shut down all of the Men’s Rights trolls before they even started:

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Of course, all of the sane people loved her tweet and congratulated her because they too love her.

And, again, because she is the best ever, she gave us all some nice reading material. YAY we love to read!

Have we mentioned we love her?

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