Jessica Alba Just Did More For The Issue Of Gun Violence Than The GOP Has In 30 Years (VIDEO)

Not since Ronald Reagan, conservative hero for all the wrong reasons, took a stand against assault weapons has the Republican party done a thing for America when it comes to gun violence. In recent years, in fact, their stance on guns has softened so much they have no voice at all unless they’re offering thoughts and prayers. They’ve caved to the gun lobby and decided that the only way to continue to have their campaign coffers padded is to advocate for more guns and fewer regulations.

Americans are getting tired of it. Sunday night, Jessica Alba made an emotional plea at the Teen Choice Awards that brought a demographic that should be worrying about first loves and good grades into the fray of gun violence, because so many of them have been affected. She brought a cross-section of teens on stage from Alton Sterling’s son Cameron to victims and children of almost every American massacre in in recent memory. Newtown to San Bernardino, Orlando to the streets of inner city America, teens pointed st the screen and said, “that’s my father” or something similar.

At one point in the beginning of the tribute. Alba had all of the teens in the audience take out their phones and snap a picture of the people on the stage, telling them to post it with the hashtag #StopTheViolence. It immediately began trending.

How much will the emotional tribute actually matter? With the NRA and the GOP persistently pushing to keep guns on our streets and their fearmongering creating a gun market that is unprecedented in our history, it may not matter much in the short run. In the long run, however, Alba is taking a subject far too many parents don’t discuss and conservative parents address by teaching kids how to kill things and helping to make it a generational issue. Let’s hope it helps.

Watch the emotional tribute below:

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