Joe Biden Waited Until His Very Last Day To Show Trump How To Tweet With Dignity

It’s a sad day today, on so many levels. But for me, it’s especially sad, because Joe Biden is leaving office.

I’m a native Delawarean, so I’ve known about Joe for years — long before some of you could even find Delaware on the map. Joe (almost nobody in Delaware calls him “Vice President” or “Senator” Biden) is special here. Some states have had more than their share of presidents and vice presidents, but Joe was our only one, our Harley Hudson. (For those who aren’t familiar, Harley Hudson was the vice president, from Delaware, in the novel and movie Advise and Consent.)

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One thing we all know about Joe here in Delaware, even the minority of those who don’t like his politics, is that he is a decent guy. And with his last tweet as vice president on January 19, Joe showed Lord Cheeto and everyone what tweeting looks like if you have class.

Thanks Joe, for always being someone our little state can be proud of. It was an honor for us, and for all Americans, to have you as our vice president.

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