Joe Walsh Is Just A F*cking Douchebag

Former Illinois Tea Party congressman Joe Walsh was such a clueless jerk that the voters in his district threw his sorry ass out of Congress after just one term. He’s a deadbeat dad and a totally insensitive moron, but even his biggest detractors, including me, were shocked at the mind-numbing idiocy of his attack on Jimmy Kimmel.

As you have probably heard, Kimmel gave a tearful commentary on the latest Republican attempt to kill people, Trumpcare 2.0, on the Monday edition of his show. Kimmel framed the issue around his infant son, who was born with a heart defect. On Tuesday Walsh responded to Kimmel via the right’s favorite sound bite machine, Twitter.

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With a single tweet Walsh showed that he doesn’t have the first clue about how insurance works. Using one person’s money to help pay for someone else’s medical care is the very definition of insurance. But don’t expect someone with Walsh’s IQ to understand that. And no, I don’t think he is playing to his audience with that remark. This man is just that goddamned stupid.

Walsh doesn’t want to bring up the fact that all of us, the idiots who voted for him, and everyone else who had no say in sending his sorry ass to Washington paid for his health insurance, and therefore his healthcare, while he was in Congress. Maybe we should ask for our money back.

And you can bet that Walsh has insurance now. So maybe he’ll agree to limit his benefits to just the amount of his premium payments, since letting his insurance pay for the bulk of his medical care would involve using other people’s money. But don’t count on that happening. Personally, I think we should give Walsh his own special GOP insurance plan, administered by former Democratic congressman Alan Grayson. Grayson can revisit his speech on the House floor from several years ago and call Walsh once a week to remind him “Don’t get sick!” And if Walsh does get sick and wants his insurance benefits Grayson can tell him “Hurry up and die.”

It’s good that the voters of Walsh’s district threw him out after one two-year term. But it’s too bad that they were willing to elect him to begin with; otherwise he would have just been another anonymous, clueless right-winger frothing at the mouth to anybody who would listen to him as he sipped his beer at the end of some dive bar. Walsh thinks he’s some kind of Republican/libertarian hero, but he’s really just a self-centered asshole.

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