John Cena Just Schooled Every Conservative, Bigoted, Flag Waving ‘Patriot’ On Patriotism (VIDEO)

John Cena’s wrestling career is more impressive than most not because of how well he reads a script or how many titles the writers of the show have awarded him, but for what he contributes to humanity in general. Cena, who is credited for fulfilling more Make-A-Wish Foundation wishes than anyone else on the planet, is a role model for children and adults alike.

He volunteers his time to work with veterans groups, wrestles for free aboard aircraft carriers and donates more money to charitable organizations as a percentage of income than all of the owners of Walmart combined. That’s why when this video came across my newsfeed I couldn’t help but share it, because John Cena has once again lent his voice to a very good cause:

Cena starts out by calling for an end to divisiveness. This post and its title are therefore contrary to his wishes. It cannot be ignored, however, that the things Cena talks about are all liberal ideologies and that it at least appears that he is addressing the Islamophobes, bigots and homophobes of the right. I watched it and there was an emotional response and a lot of head nodding in agreement. I have a neighbor who thinks the Muslim Obama is stockpiling ebola in the Lincoln bedroom who would see the same video with contempt and hatred.

Cena fans on the right should be turning in their “Hustle, Loyalty and Respect” shirts and hats any day now.

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  • Carolyn

    There are judgemental people on both sides of politics! This is a good principle to follow for everyone!

  • Mary

    So you didn’t have room in the title for “misogynist, white suprememacist, homophobic, poor-shaming”, but you made room somehow for conservatives and flag-wavers?? Does this mean that you consider, say, a conservative somehow worse than a misogynist?

  • Ben

    Yeah, because Conservative means racist… Pathetic progressive liberal propaganda. You people are worthless…

  • Ben

    Love the Progressive propaganda. Conservativism doesn’t equate to racist. Cut the commie nonsense.

  • Sarge

    Liberalism is a mental disorder that causes its sufferers to think backwards. Currently, there is no cure…

    • GOPocalypse Admin

      Thank you for that incredibly original and insightful thought.

  • Mike Ryan

    The author of this article OBVIOUSLY doesn’t get what Cena is talking about. He wants EVERYONE to understand that we’re all different and that’s OK, and what makes America “America”. In this article, “Busta” (since I guess he / she’s afraid to put his / her real name out there) does EXACTLY what Cena is speaking against…

  • Mike Ryan

    Busta might want to do some research… John Cena IS a conservative…

    • GOPocalypse Admin

      You might want to check your reading comprehensions skills. If anything, he’s a moderate Republican, which isn’t even close to the same thing.