John Fugelsang Puts Wingnut Douchebag Ben Shapiro In his Place For All To See (TWEET)

On Tuesday, the Tangerine Tyrant did the most disgusting f*cking thing we have ever seen: he exploited the widow of a fallen Navy Seal in order to drum up applause…and then bragged about it. During his address to Congress, America’s Great Mistake acknowledged Carryn Owens, the wife of Ryan Owens, and spoke about what a hero her husband was. The crowd responded with a rousing applause and that’s when Trump proved what a horrible human being he is by looking at her and saying,”Ryan is looking down right now. You know that. And he is very happy because I think he just broke a record.” Because, you know, I’m sure the deceased Owens would be super happy that people clapped for the president.

Anyway, after the speech and disgusting exploitation of Mrs. Owens, right-wingers claimed that Democrats refused to stand and applaud the widow. This was proven false, but that didn’t stop Ben Shapiro from tweeting this nugget of bullsh*t:

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In typical Republican fashion, Shapiro continued to perpetuate a lie in order to score political points from his “poorly educated” followers, but John Fugelsang wasn’t going to let him get away with it. In response to Shapiro, Fugelsang hit him with a big ol’ glass of shut the f*ck up:

In case you do not know about the Yemen raid that killed Owens, here is a quick rundown: the Obama Administration called it off because he didn’t want to escalate the conflict in Yemen. Trump took office and over dinner his first week in office he decided to green light the raid. The day after Trump’s travel ban was announced (targeting Yemen and other countries) Navy Seals deployed for the mission. While they were fighting, Trump was in his residence tweeting about some television interview and ignoring the raid. Afterwards, he lied about the intel that was gained and called the mission a success. Owens’ father is now calling for an investigation.

The raid shouldn’t have happened. Owens should not be dead. And it is not something to be proud of and Fugelsang was spot on.

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