Justin Trudeau Just Showed Everyone How To Survive A Handshake With Trump (VIDEO)

On Monday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had the misfortune of shaking hands with Agent Orange when he met him at the White House. Ordinarily this would not be worth writing about, but Trump has a really aggressive way of shaking hands with people. Instead of being a normal human being with a firm grip and short greeting, the Orange Menace grasps their hands, violently shakes them, pulls his victims towards him and keeps shaking for a really, really long time.

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Don’t believe me? Here is the Butternut Bully shaking hands with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe on Friday:

WTF was that?

And here is a video of Trump shaking his Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch’s hand:

And here is a video of him shaking Mike Pence’s hand and doing the same thing:

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You get the point right? Trump’s handshakes are a strange way for him to assert his power in a situation. However, unlike the unfortunate souls of the past who nearly had their arms ripped off by Trump, today Trudeau showed other world leaders how to survive with their arms intact:

The Prime Minister knew our psychotic president was going to yank the f*ck out of him, so he immediately took control of the situation by putting his hand on Trump’s shoulder and moving their hands in the right position like a boss. Trump was probably so disappointed.

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