Karma Just Took Trump Jr’s Skittles Away For Copyright Infringement

Well this certainly must be embarrassing. Donald Trump Jr. just got his only noteworthy accomplishment in life taken from him by none other than a refugee.

The picture below shows what happened. Trump Jr’s infamous “Skittles” picture, in which he compared refugees to poisonous versions of the colorful candy, just got whacked by Twitter for copyright infringement:

The only thing that little Donald was successful at in life: violating copyright.


Hahaha! Sucker…

The original picture which you can see on Flickr was stolen from photographer David Kittos by Trump Jr. and turned into the most infamous internet meme of 2016. Kittos happens to be a political refugee who fled Turkey when he was young and is now living in the UK. 

A screenshot of Trump Jr’s meme is below, showing the bowl photograph.


Kittos was made aware of the unauthorized use of his property and informed media sources that he never has, and never will give permission to any member of the Trump family to use his work for any amount of money.

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The outrage behind Trump Jr’s post comes from the fact it’s based on an idea developed by an actual Nazi who was executed for war crimes.

Trump Jr’s shame is profound on this one. Not only did he steal the picture but he also stole the idea for the accompanying words. Add onto that the fact that his only fame in life was “given” to him by a refugee who then had the pleasure of taking it away. He sure is following in his father’s footsteps of fraud and failure.

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