Keith Olbermann Gives Trump A Sanity Test — The Results Are Shocking Even For Him (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann may not be such a constant a voice in liberal politics these days, but that doesn’t mean he hasn’t been watching. Olbermann created a segment, along with Vanity Fair, in which he ran a test on Trump to determine if he was truly an authentic psychopath like so many have suggested.

Olbermann used the The Hare Psychopathy Checklist, with the help of a licensed therapist who walked him through it. I know what you’re thinking, “We already know how this one will turn out.”

That’s fine, but having someone confirm what we already suspect isn’t the reason this was done. This test doesn’t just determine if someone is clinically insane. It also gauges severity, and both of them together are the point of Olbermann’s piece.

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Keith goes over a list of 20 factors, on which he had professional assistance in scoring Trump. Keith even went a little easy on Trump here and there, despite the implied protestations of his professional assistant, and the results … well they pretty much speak for themselves.

Watch Keith Olbermann remind us of the most important question to ask about Trump below:

Keith summed it up best with this statement:

In short, our amateurs’ exercise with the very professional Hare Psychopathy Checklist suggests that if you were betting on it, you’d probably want to bet that Donald Trump couldn’t pass a sanity test — open book.

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