Keith Olbermann Goes On Wednesday Morning Tweet-Storm, Calls Trump A ‘Sh*tty Businessman’ (VIDEO)

We all know that Donald Trump is going to be America’s first “Twitter president.” It’s obvious why he loves the medium — he can shoot out comments on anything and everything and get them to millions of people in an instant. Plus, due to the character limitations tweets are often ambiguous, allowing Trump to later claim that he had been misinterpreted when there is blowback.

Of course, all this means that Trump’s critics have discovered that Twitter is an excellent way to direct comments at the president-elect. Alec Baldwin has it down to a science. And another Trump critic who is using Twitter to his advantage is Keith Olbermann.

On Wednesday morning Olbermann went on a mini-tweet storm, starting with sharing his latest video for GQ, titled “We’ve elected a shitty businessman.” In that five minute video Olbermann talks about Trump’s deal with Carrier, the fact that the company is still sending jobs to Mexico, and how the proposal for a 35 percent tariff could hurt American workers.

But Olbermann wasn’t done there. He followed his video commentary with several other tweets on different subjects, like Trump’s war on Saturday Night Live.

Trump recently claimed he sold all his stock holdings in June, and “told everybody” about it. Olbermann wants to know who “everybody” is, since nobody in the media had heard about it before his transistion team revealed it on Tuesday.

One reply reveals who “everybody” is, and sadly probably isn’t far from the truth.

Olbermann’s final shot was about the claims of Russian interference in the election. Trump says the opinion of U.S. intellegence that Russia was involved in hacking the Clinton campaign is “politically motivated.” Olbermann sees a little of George W. Bush in that.

About the only thing good to come out of the election is the re-emergence of Keith Olbermann as a political commentator. Hopefully we’ll be hearing much more from him over the next four years. But I wish we didn’t have to.

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