Keith Olbermann Returns In New Show, Carpet Bombs Trump In Brilliant Premier Episode (VIDEO)

If you miss Keith Olbermann like I do, you are in for one hell of a treat. Keith has returned in a new GQ web show, and in his premiere episode he lets loose in “true Olbermann” style with what could be the strongest attack against Trump to date.

The sheer volume of content Keith includes in this episode is just phenomenal. Instead being like the cable news networks, who take one issue and talking about it for 5 minutes, he just lists the total of all the bad things Trump’s done and uses them like one long rant. By doing this, he puts together a stronger case for Donald’s disqualification not only as president, but as even a regular American, that anyone has ever done.

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If more of our “news” sources did things like this, Trump’s campaign would effectively have been ended months ago. It’s easy to take a single thing he does every day and talk about it, then go “Oh that’s just that crazy Donald…” and go on with your day. However, when you see the incidents of everything bad he’s done, back to back like this, it proves that hes nothing but a racist, bigot, fraudster, criminal, and all around terrible manifestation of everything evil about America.

You can’t credit one report with “ending” a presidential campaign very easily, but if you look at this in the proper context it truly is the ultimate closer to the worst presidential campaign in U.S. history. It’s bad enough there’s an easily shareable list of everything Trump’s done that is wrong. Having Keith Olbermann of all people narrating it… well that’s just the worst disaster his campaign could have had happen.

Watch Keith Olbermann hammer the last few nails into the coffin of Trump’s campaign below:

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