Laura Ingraham: Sh*tting Your Pants Is Better Than Sharing Bathrooms With Trans People (AUDIO)

What can I possibly say that this doesn’t already say about itself? Right wing radio jockey Laura Ingraham actually thinks that people should wear adult diapers instead of risking the use of a bathroom where a Transgender person may or may not be lurking about.

I know it sounds insane, but just listen to her in the recording below from her show:

Imagine a gun show full of Republicans and every person there is in need of a new diaper because they’re bathroom paranoid. Talk about a lot of “concealed carrying” going on in one place. I hope they have good ventilation.

So this is the new solution to the Republican rage about not being able to install pee-police in public bathrooms across the nation. It’s gotten to where people like Laura are suggesting that it’s better to just go in your pants rather than go in a bathroom. Isn’t there anything these people can do that is better than spending every waking moment of every day focusing on the idea of people in bathrooms? It’s creepy!

Even if she is trying to be sarcastic, it’s important to remember something. While Laura might be not the dumbest Republican bigot that exists a lot of her listeners that are that very thing. Think about it before the next time you attend an event that Conservatives like to frequent.

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