LAWSUIT: Trump Kept Campaign Worker Who Threatened Staffers With A Loaded Gun

I’m not some big expert when it comes to what makes a hostile work environment, but I’m comfortable betting hard cash that this qualifies as such. The Trump campaign is being sued by one of its former staffers because it failed to do anything about its then-North Carolina State Director who had a long-term habit of threatening fellow employees with a loaded gun.

I know how ridiculous that sounds, but that’s exactly what happened.

The lawsuit was filed by Vincent Bordini, in Mecklenburg County Superior Court. Donald J. Trump for President Inc. and Earl Phillip — who was the gun happy nitwit in question — are named as defendants in the lawsuit

Some of the details of the lawsuit are as follows. Bordini and Phillip were driving in Phillip’s Jeep, when Phillip drew a loaded gun with his finger on the trigger. He pressed the tip of the barrel into Bordini’s knee cap. Phillip then “ominously stared sideways at Bordini” while he continued driving and holding the barrel of the gun against him.

Later, Bordini reported the incident to the campaign’s western North Carolina regional director, who told Bordini that Phillip had done the same thing to him in the past. That totals two people threatened with a gun by the same person.

Bordini then reported the incident to Stuart Jolly, who is the Trump Campaign’s national field director. He did nothing to resolve the issue.

After being ignored, Bordini went the next step up and had a telephone conversation with then-Trump campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, where he reported the incident again. Lewandowski said he “took the complaint seriously,” then promptly ignored it as well.

During the time between Bordini’s failure to get help from his employer, and the filing of the lawsuit, Bordini found two other staffers who said similar things happened to them. That makes four people total who were threatened with a gun, while their employer did nothing.

The two most recent employees to come forward described it slightly differently. In their cases, Phillip was yelling and screaming in anger while brandishing his pistol in their presence and threatening them directly with it, as opposed to just pulling it out-of-the-blue and pressing it against their body.

After this story was picked up by the news and the Trump campaign was contacted requesting comment, they finally fired Phillip from his position as North Carolina state director, but this only happened approximately a week before the time of this writing.

Clearly the Trump campaign doesn’t care if its own employees terrorize each other with guns. It might not even care if they kill each other. It sounds like they’re raising Spartan children so only the strong survive.

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