Let’s All Point And Laugh At This Stupid New Right-Wing Meme Making The Rounds

With President Obama outgoing in January, Conservatives are setting up to party like it’s 1849 (the last year they remember American being great — their slaves were on the plantation and the poor white tools who voted for Trump were full engrossed in the plantation political system; the United States was ‘These United States’ and only white men who were landowners could vote). A whole slew of conservative memes are making the rounds, some of them brain numbing, others outright offensive, but all of them dumb as hell.

One such meme that’s been making the round crossed my dash earlier today, and I just had to share so we could all point and laugh at how stupid and uninformed the people living in the Breitbart Bubble are:


So, it’s three points, but it’s kind of impressive just how much misinformation they managed to cram in there. The stupidity densities in those three grammatical clauses reaches quark matter-levels, but since there’s only three, it shouldn’t be too hard to take them apart.

Point 1: School Lunches

I’m not entirely sure where this comes from. Michelle Obama has played a very active role as the first lady combating child obesity with various initiatives like Let’s Move. Her school lunch initiative was one push to get kids to eat healthier. But in conservative land, getting kids to eat healthier is a bad thing, because reasons — it’s got something to do with middle-class white people, but then, so do most things wrong with this country.

But more to the point, there’s this: I knew people in school when Bush was in office and school food wasn’t anymore edible then and it was a lot less healthy; I recall students soaking up grease with napkins, and you just know that’s heart healthy. And Reagan administration fought to get ketchup declared a vegetable, so long as it was combined with other things like french fries and hamburgers.

But god forbid we give Michelle any credit at all. We have to spend time making transphobic jokes about her because old-aged and late middle-aged white men are terrified of her.

Point 2: Health Insurance

Insurance premiums are ridiculous, make no mistake. But Obama had nothing to do with that. Obama did not go to the insurance companies and say, “Okay guys, you can hike your rates now.” That was a decision they made all on their own, because they’re greedy and they want money. If anything, premiums are a reason why we shouldn’t have private insurance at all and should switch to a single payer system.

Also, if insurance is “unaffordable”, then why is it that the population of uninsured Americans is at the lowest level it’s ever been at since the Great Recession?  Why is it there are over 20,000,000 Americans who are insured now, many of whom I assure you are not rich?

But hey, let’s not ask questions. When you’re in conservative circles, you don’t ask questions of the orthodoxy. That’s doubleplusungood thinking, citizen.

Furthermore, Obamacare did more than just expand insurance to those who can’t afford it by using the Marketplace. Obamacare forced insurance companies to allow parents to keep their children on their polices until they turned 26, it forced drug companies to reveal how much they paid your doctor to push a particular type of prescription medicine, and it created the Elder Justice Act, an act aimed at reducing elder abuse. And those are just three things. Here’s 21 things, which is seven times more items and at least seven hundred times more correct.

Point 3: Police Lives

President Obama was very measured when he spoke out against police corruption. More importantly, he’s not defended police corruption, unlike some conservatives who publish stupid memes on Facebook. When a young black man gets shot simply for theft — which, last time I checked, was not a crime punishable by the death sentence even under Sharia law (and when the most draconian interpretation of Sharia is more humane than you, you’re doing something wrong) — or for carrying a toy gun around, or for just walking around, there’s a problem.

And you don’t help the people you love and care for by hiding them from their problems.

If they truly cared about police lives, they’d be pushing for reform. Just like if they cared about the uninsured, or children, or the elderly, or anyone who isn’t them, really. But since it’s much easier to just make memes, elect real life supervillains, and whine on Facebook, conservatives do that instead, and this meme is yet more proof.

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