Former Trump Campaign Manager Gets His Mic Cut For Being Stupid Live On CNN (VIDEO)

A CNN panel descended into chaos Friday night after orange sh*tgibbon Donald Trump’s former campaign manager jumped to the rescue on the whole birther…thing.

As Don Lemon attempted to read a statement from 2007 Clinton campaign adviser Sidney Blumenthal denying any involvement in Donald Trump’s favorite pastime (being a racist, birther asshole), Corey Lewandowski interrupted him repeatedly, eventually leaving the host with no choice but to shut off everyone’s microphones until he was done. This didn’t stop Lewandowski, however, whose lips were still moving when Lemon finished reading the statement and asked producers to turn everyone’s microphones back on.

“The reason it’s still a controversy, Corey, is because he didn’t say, ‘His was disproven, it’s wrong, here’s why I continue with the innuendos for years and years,’” Van Jones tried to explain to Lewandowski, who was stuck on blaming Clinton despite years of evidence that she had nothing to do with starting the racist rumors about Obama’s supposed Kenyan birth. “He didn’t give full context. Instead, he tried to blame his kid sister, Hillary, for everything he’s done for the past five years. And because of that, it shows not just a lack of judgment in pursuing this, but now a lack of character, in not being a stand-up person and taking responsibility for your actions. And that’s why it’s still a controversy. I hope that helps you.”

“Look, look, here’s what it comes down to, right?” Lewandowski said. “For the last 24 hours, people have said, ‘Donald Trump did not say, himself, that Barack Obama was born in the United States. It was a statement by his campaign and he needs to come out and say this.’ So you know what Donald Trump did today? He came out and said, ‘Barack Obama was born in the United States.’”

“Those same voices have said that he needed to apologize to the president, none of which he did,” Lemon interjected as Lewandowski protested, saying “no, no” weakly. “They also said that he needs to admit he was wrong.”

“Look, when is Barack Obama going to apologize to Donald Trump for all the incendiary things he’s said? Are we holding the president accountable?” Lewandowski asked, as though that was on-topic or important.

We won’t spoil any more of it for you. Watch it yourself here:

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