Liberal Turned Alt-Right Trumpette Is SUPER Disappointed Her Daddy Is Bombing Syria

Once upon a time there was a liberal activist named Cassandra Fairbanks who was a staunch supporter of progressive causes. She supported Black Lives Matter, women’s rights, the right of Muslims to exist peacefully in America, the implementation of common sense gun laws and, most importantly, was anti-war. Cassandra and I used to work together for a network of liberal blogs and we both loved Bernie Sanders. She, however, hated Hillary to such an extent that when the primary did not go Bernie’s way, she threw out all of her progressive beliefs and became…a Trump supporter.

Yeah, she’s one of THOSE people.

Suddenly, Cassandra was pro-gun, anti-Black Lives Matter, anti-Muslim and anti-abortion. Her Twitter and Facebook feeds were full of alt-right bullsh*t and she was proudly sporting Trump t-shirts and Make America Great Again hats. It was just gross. But her reason for supporting him was even more ridiculous: she claimed Lord Cheeto was anti-war and didn’t believe he’d ever bomb people like that “warmonger Killery.” Nope, Trump just wanted peace in the Middle East! Honest!

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As you can imagine, Cassandra hasn’t had a good weekend. On Thursday afternoon, she was on Twitter singing her daddy’s praises, claiming he would never do anything stupid in Syria. Because remember, the guy who once said he’d “bomb the sh*t out of them” is all about peace and love:

However, by Thursday evening the poor Trumpette’s dreams had been crushed. Suddenly she realized he was just as violent as liberals had said and she began having a meltdown:

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It’s beautiful, isn’t it? She is genuinely surprised that a REPUBLICAN is bombing a country and potentially starting a war. Is she new?

Cassandra is a special kind of stupid. She doesn’t have any real beliefs, she just goes floats around social media seeking attention and latches onto whatever she thinks will get her what she craves. It’s really unfortunate, because at one time she was a very talented writer who fought for righteous causes. Now she’s just another Trumper who is finding out they’ve been duped. How pathetic.

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