Liberal Twitter Trolls Just Dumped A Bucket Of Laughs On Breitbart’s Idiotic Kellogg’s Boycott

Breitbart is angry. Not that that is breaking news, considering they are always angry. The poor racist website of the right-wing was dealt two blows this week. First, when Kelloggs Cereals pulled all advertising from the website, which prompted the hate-flingers to call for a boycott of the brand with the #DumpKelloggs hashtag and online pledge.

But then, more salt was poured in the festering wound when Kelloggs announced via the W.K. Kelloggs Foundation page that they will be implementing $75 million over the next five years “to combat structural racism in America, healing the wounds of racism is a key component.”

The company starts the announcement, saying:

Since the birth of America, racial privilege and structural inequities have influenced the nation’s policies and social systems, from healthcare, education and child welfare to media, food consumption, justice and countless other facets of everyday life. In America, those who differ from the majority because of race, color, sexual orientation, religion, gender, weight and other characteristics face a deluge of outright discrimination and unconscious bias.

OMG! They admit that racism is a real thing. *gasp*

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This sent the hateful conservative blog into a major tizzy where they labeled Kelloggs “the far-left cereal giant.”

Oh yes, this a tizzy worthy of all the internet mocking. All of it!

Thus, the trending #BreitbartCereals hashtag was born. And, it is glorious!

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