Liberals Wipe The Floor With Trumpers After They Forget How To Spell The Thing They’re Boycotting

We all know that Republicans aren’t exactly the sharpest tools in the shed, they proved that went they voted for the Butternut Bill Cosby. However, even they surprised us with their level of stupidity today.

If you have been on Twitter this morning, you probably noticed that the right is so mad at Budweiser’s Super Bowl LI commercial that they have launched a boycott of their favorite beer. The only problem is….they spelled the name of the beer incorrectly with their poorly thought out hashtag–and now liberals are destroying them:

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Honestly, this is just embarrassing. The very least they could do was figure out how to spell the thing they were boycotting. This is just further proof that Trump’s supporters are, indeed, a bunch of “poorly educated” fools.

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