Gary Johnson Says To Ignore Climate Change Because The Sun Will Explode

I won’t blame you if you think this sounds too outrageous to be true. I’d be skeptical as well, but the video below does not lie. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian hope for America, just gave the absolute dumbest response to the issue of climate change, since humanity became aware that climate change existed.

Here’s the jist of it. Johnson said that he believes climate change is man made, but we shouldn’t do anything about it because in the long term, the Sun will eventually expand before going super nova and engulf the Earth. This means climate change is in our future.

I know how that sounds, but remember, this is 2016 and that was the Libertarian guy who said it. This dude actually thinks he could do Barack Obama’s job. I’m not one to criticize people who smoke weed but… could he actually have done TOO much?

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Gary’s dumb. Can we just say that and be honest with ourselves about it? He thinks Aleppo is the guy who carved Pinocchio, is totally happy that nobody got hurt in the recent NYC bombing that injured 29 people, and thinks that the sun exploding billions of years from now is the same as climate change. If you happen to be voting for this guy, can you please explain why in a way that doesn’t involve the word “Liberty?”

Watch Gary Johnson convince America not to vote Libertarian below:

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