Lil’ Trump Says His Daddy Is More Important Than Washington, Lincoln Or Kennedy–America Disagrees (VIDEO)

You don’t have to listen to Donald Trump’s sons for very long to realize that they are the same kind of smarmy characters as their father. And like Big Daddy, every time you think they have gone as low as they can go, they outdo themselves.

Donald Trump Jr. spoke to Fox News following Wednesday night’s debate and literally attacked public service. He said that his father wasn’t as polished as a career politician like Hillary Clinton and that if he had had her years of experience, Daddy Trump would be the best politician ever. OK, nothing really to see there, but he didn’t let it rest with that. Junior followed those remarks by saying that winning the election would be “a step down” for Trump Sr.

Americans are about to elect the 45th President of the United States. And the son of one of the candidates in the running for that office says it is beneath the stature his father currently holds. Think about that for a minute.

Responses to CNN’s tweet of Junior’s comments reveal that many Americans aren’t impressed with his assessment of his father’s position in life.

One Twitter user asked the question that is on many people’s minds:

Another reminded Trump of something that you might think every presidential candidate would readily acknowledge:

A couple of replies indicate that Trump is a subject many Democrats and Republicans agree on.

And there was plenty of encouragement for Trump to give up on politics and stick to what he does best — being a self-aggrandizing ass.

It is plain that the entire Trump family believes that piling up wealth is much more important than public service. Trump Sr. has indicated as much on many occasions. Now Trump Jr.’s remark reaffirms that. So the next step is to make sure that Trump doesn’t have to lower his stature by becoming president. He should certainly understand that we’re just trying to help him out by voting for Hillary.

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Here’s what Trump Jr. told Fox News about his daddy’s “step down,” via YouTube:

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