Looks Like Sessions Demanded Resignations From 46 U.S. Attorneys Because….Sean Hannity

Jeff Sessions just demanded the last 46 U.S. attorneys that have remained since the administration transition hand in their resignations, as in right now, do not pass go, do not collect $200. Such an ultimatum kind of defeats the purpose of what a resignation is and instead is a message: quit or we’ll fire you.

Now, as a rule, this act in and of itself isn’t that unusual, many administration’s clean house of the previous president’s political appointees. It is completely normal. What is unusual here is the timing. Sessions’ demand came less than 24 hours after Sean Hannity told the Tangerine Thunder Trumpet’s fixed audience that Obama is running a:

shadow government, deep state of career bureaucrats

What in the actual f*ck? Because nothing screams democracy than the term “purge.” True to form, the Great Pumpkin listened to his Fox overlords and almost immediately set Sessions, his Keebler pack dog, on the trail of this imagined shadow government — starting with Obama’s 46 remaining U.S. attorneys. At least one of these attorney’s was Manhattan prosecutor Preet Bharara, who last November was asked in person to stay on after the transition.

What’s crazy is that this isn’t even the first time the new administration has watched Fox or read a conspiracy site and decided to govern according to what the nutjobs want. The reality is this “deep state” that Hannity blathered on about, is in fact incredibly mundane. It consists of career civil servants who simply have to deal with the fact their commander-in-chief is being advised on the whims and folly of a cable news ratings hustler.

I think @ScottBytes sums it up perfectly:

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