Lord Cheeto’s ‘I Hate SNL’ Trumpertantrum™ Earns Him Yet Another Humiliating Social Media Moment

Saturday Night Live’s Pete Davidson had some choice words for Donald Trump after His Orangeness tweeted in a tiff about last week’s show, calling it a “totally one-sided, biased show” and that there was “nothing funny about it.”

Davidson is currently the youngest and the first 1990s-born cast member of the show.

Obviously, being a young comedian at the start of his career, Saturday Night Live is the dream gig. So, it’s of little surprise that the millennial cast member took offense to the newly president-elect’s slam on the comedic institution.

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He posted a screenshot of Trumplestiltskin’s tweet and added his own response.


Never been more proud. Fuck you bitch

A photo posted by pete davidson (@petedavidson) on

Never been more proud. Fuck you bitch.

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We concur, Pete. We concur.

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