Lord Cheeto’s Incessant Tweeting Has Some Of His Supporters Telling Him To Shut His Pie Hole

Look, I have ZERO sympathy for these Trump voters. In fact, I really just want to scream from the top of my lungs, “WE TOLD YOU SO!”

I mean, seriously, what the hell did they think was going to happen after his unhinged rantings and ridiculous tweeting throughout his campaign? They were voting for a self-centered man-baby who has been obsessed with ratings and reviews for as long as he has been in the public eye.

Nonetheless, there are a few Trump supporters who now regret casting their vote for him because he has continued to be Donald Trump on Twitter since the election.

I find it troubling that out of all of Trump’s antics since being sworn into office – all the lies, the insults, the odd treatment of foreign diplomats, the divisive nature of basically EVERYTHING he does – it’s the tweeting that is prompting these individuals to voice their regrets.

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I suppose it’s something. I mean at least they are embarrassed by the tweets and are seeing a glimmer of the light, but still, there is so much wrong with Trump. How the hell did these people convince themselves that he was deserving of their vote in the first place? It’s not like he’s transformed into something different than what he was all those months on the campaign trail.

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Some regrets were tweeted less than a month after Election Day. Now, that’s some buyers remorse.

I suppose we can be glad that a few of them are coming around, but I don’t think this makes a very good case for any of these folks.

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I have a feeling as this administration enters their second month in office (can you believe it hasn’t even been a month yet?) we will see more of these regret tweets.

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