Loving ‘Pro-Life’ Trumpers Have No Sympathy For Jimmy Kimmel Because. . . They Are Horrible People

By now you’ve likely seen Jimmy Kimmel’s emotional monologue where he spoke about his newborn son, Billy. If you’ve seen it then you also know he included some common sense ideas about healthcare and health insurance in the United States – where financial means can make a difference between life or death during a health crisis.

This has pissed off some of Trump’s most ardent fans.

If you’ve yet to see it, grab some tissues because this one comes with a lot of cut onions.

Now, most individuals, with any form of human emotion, were moved by Kimmel’s raw emotion. But, we are going to talk about Trump supporters and we know these people are both lacking in not only class and intellect, but also any form true compassion.

(But, they will cling to their whole “I’m a Christian. I love Jesus. Save the poor aborted babies” farce that they think makes them better than everyone else in the universe.)

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Rather than listening to what the late-night host was actually saying, the deplorables deplored all over Fox News’ Twitter feed. Proving yet again that they are simply just heartless bastards.

Yeah, damn him for looking at his own painful situation and realizing how gutting the ACA will not only impact his own son, but also millions of other people.

A Fox News Trumper with no sympathy? Say it ain’t so! Oh wait, there’s a lot more. . .

Yeah, because that’s how us liberals work. We don’t recognize that there are situations where abortion might be the best choice for an individual, we just go have recreational abortions for the shits and giggles of it. Abortioning is fun and we just really hate babies.

So gross. Just, wow.

He seems nice and not deplorable at all.

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These people all need to cut the bullshit – they aren’t patriotic Americans and they care nothing about “Making America Great Again.” Mocking the illness of a newborn baby and acting like it’s some kind of justice or karma is sick. These people are horrible people. Period!

A strong America is a healthy America and that means people, especially sick people, should have access to the care available to them.

If celebrating the illness of a weeping father’s baby is your version of a “great America,” you can go stick it up your ass.

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