Maddow Busts Trump Plagiarizing AGAIN In Dumbest Move Ever (VIDEO)

Trump got caught plagiarizing again. After all the problems that he, Melania, and even his knuckle-headed son experienced with it during the campaign season, he just can’t seem to help himself.

This time though, it really is beyond belief. Trump actually plagiarized a joke that was based on his wife’s plagiarized speech. Yes, you read that correctly.

He told the stolen joke at the Al Smith dinner, which is also where the rest of his presumably original performance got met with heckles and boos. When told, the joke in question was received extremely well, with the entire room applauding and cheering positively. Even Al Franken commented about how good he was in that moment.

Rachel Maddow gives all the details in the video below:

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Obviously this has a funny aspect to it. I mean the guy is such a dunce, right? But imagine what a presidency would be like under this joker. He got busted bad for stealing someone else’s work and what does he do? He goes right back and does it again a few weeks after getting busted for it previously. He’s a repeat dunce.

Soon it’ll finally be over. We can get back to more interesting news than what stupid thing Donald Trump did this morning, this afternoon, and this evening. I know that means a probable return to Benghazi, emails, and even more Benghazi again but to be honest I think I’d be more satisfied with that than any more “Trump.”

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