Maddow Had To Give Viewers A Trigger Warning Before Showing This RNC Footage (VIDEO)

Rachel Maddow took some time and a bit of professional risk bringing awareness to something that Republicans are doing at their national convention. It officially isn’t a joke anymore; these people are no longer going to be written off as “looney.” This is serious, raw, violent hate and it’s completely taken over about half of our country.

She started off her short segment with an unusual step of issuing a possible trigger warning to her viewers:

I want to show you a little something that we shot earlier today. You may find it uncomfortable and so you may not want to look at this stuff.

I’ve watched Rachel Maddow on MSNBC for a pretty long time now. If I really thought hard about it, I could count the number of viewer warnings she’s issued on one hand and have a couple of fingers left over. What’s more is that every time she did it has been about nothing less than extremely graphic violence or some other overtly grotesque act.

Here’s the difference. This time, she’s simply covering what’s being sold at the Republican National Convention. That’s it. No physical violence, no graphically inappropriate things and not even any people saying very bad stuff. The story is about vendor merchandise, yet it’s so bad she felt responsible for possibly upsetting her viewers.

She wasn’t wrong. When you see what they found, you’ll understand why.

Watch the video and see what Rachel and her colleagues discovered for sale below:

Did you see what just happened? One of the two major political parties in America has just turned into its own religion of pure, blind, and irrational rage. This new religion is even selling holy objects, but instead of crosses they are badges, buttons, pins and banners all focused on attacking one particular person.

I really don’t care about the whole Hillary/Bernie thing anymore. That isn’t even relevant here. What this is about now is that the entire Republican National Convention has turned into a giant flea market where hate is being sold as a commodity you can not only hold in your hands but wear proudly.

Frankly, anyone who calls themselves a “progressive” or “liberal” and doesn’t vote in a meaningful way against this onslaught simply doesn’t care about progressive ideals. We just can’t afford that kind of mentality at this point, because we can’t afford to let these people take over what’s left of our country.

It’s the new normal. Hillary isn’t even really that relevant, because they’d be doing this to anybody that leads the fight against them. Let’s just quit beating around the bush and recognize that this is how Conservative politics is going to be from here on out.

Even after Donald Trump has gone away, and his kids are all in jail for various reasons, this is going to be the new normal. Conservatism is now a church where hating has stopped becoming a personal opinion and become a matter of faith to be dictated to the gullible masses.

Their new prayer is hoping for the imprisonment, physical harm, or death of someone who simply disagrees with them politically. Wanting to make sure people can afford to see a doctor may be punishable by incarceration for treason. Not legalizing religious bigotry or banning abortion might be met with a firing squad. This is how they’ll make America great again.

What’s worse is that if your anger isn’t equal to the worst of them you’re viewed as helping the enemy. If you don’t enable the worst of it, you’re seen as weak, a closet liberal, or maybe even someone who needs to be shot in the name of freedom next time Billy Joe Jim Bob Jeb forgets to take his meds and goes on a shooting spree with a legally bought mass murder machine.

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