‘Make America Great Again’ Convoy Of Racists Forget Anyone Can Hear And Record CB Radio (VIDEO)

Having been born and raised in Massachusetts, this just…pains me. It’s a shame that a state so well-known for social liberalism and true blue policy is also host to this kind of racism and hate.

A convoy of douchebags traveling from Wrentham to Foxboro consisted of every piece of trash the area had to offer. The Massachusetts redneck is no different from anywhere else, with the exception that only a few are stupid enough to carry a confederate flag because of their “heritage.” Anticipating the ignorance that was about to happen, a recording session was planned and executed that can be used anytime you hear  Trump supporters say, “We’re not racists, we just aren’t politically correct.” Here’s what they mean by that:

“Lynch all the f*cking n*ggers” is definitely NOT politically correct. It’s not correct in any way. None of what these imbeciles said is correct in any way.

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It would be nice to think that Trump supporters, once seeing and hearing how their comrades in idiocy truly behave, would have an epiphany of some sort and come to their senses. The problem is, they’re Trump supporters. They’re the ones driving those trucks.

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