Mall Of America Hired First Black Santa And Racists Are Being Total D*cks About It

News hit a few days ago that largest mall in the country, Mall of America, has hired a black Santa for the first time in the mall’s history.

“Santa Larry” is Larry Jefferson from Irving, Texas. He is a retired U.S. Army veteran who has been an official Santa since 1999. After serving in the Gulf War, Jefferson went on to graduate from Santa school and grow out his very own white beard. He says of the role:

It’s a positive image. It gives kids something to identify with. I want to help inspire them to think good things about Santa, about the world in general. Hope, love, peace, caring. It’s about meeting the people and listening to them, and making them smile and laugh.

Awww, that’s really sweet.

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For some people, the story provoked a “huh, that’s really cool” kind of response. For others, this seems to be one of the apocalyptic signs, or at the very least, an excuse to fire off really hateful messages on social media.

The funny thing about mythical beings from ancient history, they end up being whatever we make them. Many people seem to think St. Nicholas was German. Of course, that isn’t the truth either.

St. Nicholas, the monk Santa Claus is thought to be based upon, was actually from an area in Turkey. Based upon the region of the world he lived, historians have put together a visualization of what the real face of St. Nicholas may have looked like.

Of course, none of that really matters at all.

Santa doesn’t visit every child in the world on Christmas Eve with his magical flying reindeer, shoot down chimneys, or leave presents under plastic LED-covered trees.

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It’s all make-believe! Fun, beautiful, colorful make-believe!

But, this was funny:

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