‘Man Of The People’ Donald Trump Sells Spoonfuls Of Wine For The Cost Of A Week’s Worth Of Food

Donald Trump has billed himself as a champion of the middle class for his entire campaign. He wants you to know that only he is in touch with the common people, while “wealthy elites” are the only people that Democrats care about.

Just yesterday, his clueless yuppie son posted this statement about it on Twitter.


The message is clear to everyone. Trump’s for the regular person. He “cares about the poor” and all that stuff. That’s the joke, because he could care less about them.

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Donald Trump’s brand new Washington Hotel literally sells spoonfuls of wine that individually can cost more than an average week’s food bill for a family of 4. When I say spoonfuls of wine, that isn’t an exaggeration.

Here is a picture of what we are talking about.

Courtesy of Daniel Swartz/Washingtonian.com
Courtesy of Daniel Swartz/Washingtonian.com

They’re small, about 1 ounce, and sort of like those shallow spoons you get in the free soup at a Japanese restaurant. One of those full of some sour grape juice costs as much as it takes to keep an entire average family fed for a week.

Rememeber. Trump’s “for the people.”

The costs can range depending on what you choose. A single ounce spoonful ranges from $15 – $140 dollars. The $140 dollar version is a special 2007 vintage from a Hungarian winemaker Royal Tokaji.

It’s even less than 3 percent alcohol. At a top price of $2,250 for a bottle, it really won’t even get you sufficiently drunk. Talk about a total ripoff, right? If you can’t get a proper wine buzz going you may as well stay home and eat chocolate.

Washingtonian reporter David Swartz was on hand to cover the opening ceremonies of Trump’s new hotel, which used to be the Old Post office building. While some locals were there out of pure curiosity, a few others were there because they were total Trump fanboys.

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He recalls seeing one man dressed in a cowboy hat and khaki shirt with the preamble to the Constitution printed on it, who was flaunting a wad of what he called “Bolivian currency,” proudly and drunkenly announcing to everyone who did not care, “I’m a deplorable!”

It’s all the perfect example of what a Trump presidency would be like. Instead of using money and economic power to provide real jobs for regular Americans, he spends it on luxury playgrounds for his wealthy peers, while he likely employs poor immigrant labor to keep the place running.

If you’re outraged by this all, take comfort in the idea that it will probably end up going bankrupt in a couple years like everything Trump touches.

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