Marlee Matlin Gives Perfect Response To Trump After He Called Her ‘Retarded’ (TWEETS)

Marlee Matlin gave the classiest response to reports that Donald Trump referred to her, during her time on his show The Apprentice, as “retarded.” We all know that it’s an offensive term, but even in the ignorant context that Trump uses, he couldn’t even get it right.

The word used to refer to intellectual disabilities. Marlett Matlin is deaf, not intellectually disabled. Trump is such an idiot that he can’t even be contextually correct when he’s being an ignorant, offensive jackass.

Marlee became aware of what he said, and fired back the following response on her Twitter account.

She makes a great point. The fact this is something we are talking about when there’s so many more important things to discuss when picking a new president is silly. However, it isn’t the media just looking for sensationalist stuff that’s at fault for this.

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It’s actually important that people choose to talk about this, because it speaks directly to the character of a person who America might elect as president. What’s truly insane is that someone like this ever made it past the starting line. That’s the part that should upset all of us as deeply as it has upset Marlee.

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