Maryland Dad Furious After Son Gets A Good Grade For Anti-Trump Drawing

Most parents are proud of their kids when they walk home with a 100 percent on their homework, but not Maryland’s own miserable dirtbag James Smith.

Smith’s son, Jake, is a sixth grader at Kent Island Middle School in Stevensville. The class was assigned a simple task: to draw a political sign – and the 11-year-old did an excellent job, managing not only to absolutely nail the artistic side of the project as well as the moral one.

Jake’s project reads “Dump Trump out of office” and features the GOP elephant taking a gigantic dump on Orange Mussolini’s head.

While most parents would be proud of their child for correctly identifying a fascist who needs to be booted from office, it turns out that Smith is one of those “triggered” little “snowflakes” we keep hearing about any time a Trump supporter finds out someone stood up for another human being.

According to Smith, the drawing doesn’t represent an opposition to the hateful ideologies the majority of us would be proud to see our kids fighting. To Mr. Father of the Year, this was liberal indoctrination in action. To Smith, this was a problem big enough to drive to the school and ‘raise Cain.’

Fox 5 reports that Smith demanded a meeting with school officials to whine that his son fulfilled the terms of the assignment by correctly drawing a political sign:

Smith said he met with school officials about his concerns and believes the grade given by his teacher was encouraging his son to be disrespectful to the current president. The father said the teacher would not take any responsibility and she asked him if he wanted her to change his son’s grade on the assignment.

It is unclear if dear old dad’s pettiness extends to asking the teacher to lower his son’s grade on the assignment, but the school released a statement explaining that teachers have “discretion over lesson planning, student assignments, and how they grade student work.”

In this case, it seems, the teacher asked students to draw a political sign and Jake drew one that would probably be seen at one of the many, many anti-Trump protests across the country.

Though the majority of parents would be happy about this, it seems that dear old daddy needs a safe space.

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