Melania Trump Doesn’t Seem To Know The Words To The National Anthem (VIDEO)

On Saturday our new president and his wife attended the Inaugural Prayer Service at the National Cathedral, and it didn’t take long for them to embarrass themselves. The morning kicked off with everyone joining together to sing the National Anthem. Well, everyone except the Trumps, who seemed to be singing something entirely different based on their lip movements.

Video posted by Fox News shows both Donald and Melania at times mouthing what appear to be the wrong words or in some cases even just opening and closing their mouths. While Trump fared better than his wife, whose jewelry line is now prominently advertised on the White House website, Melania just looked lost.

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It didn’t take Twitter long to catch on to what was happening, and people quickly banded together to mock the everliving fuck out of the least popular President in our country’s history and his First Lady.

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Our current president spent precious time on Friday completely f*cking Obamacare and removing all information about climate change from the White House website when he could have been practicing the Star Spangled Banner so he and his idiot wife didn’t embarrass our country on national television, but priorities or whatever. Besides, when has being a complete embarrassment to Americans been a problem for him?

Oh, well. We’re sure he knows the words to this one:

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