Melania’s Initial Attempt At First Ladying Sends Twitter Into Gleeful Troll Spiral

Few First Ladies of the United States in recent history can compare to Michelle Obama — and the current First Lady isn’t one of them. Melania is as much out of her depth as her idiot husband, and it shows in just about everything she does. That’s why she’s been staying out of the limelight recently — because when she does step down from her ivory, gilded tower, stuff like this happens.

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On Thursday, Melania celebrated “World Book Day” by reading to a group of children at New York Presbyterian Hospital. Or, at least, she posed like that’s what she was doing for the paparazzi, and then posted it on Twitter:

I have no doubt she was reading to them. But if you want to see “out-of-touch,” look no further.

Which, of course, is why the left-wingers on Twitter had a field day taking Melania down a few notches:

And, I think, my favorite of the bunch:

Of course,  no Twitter thread is complete without the emesis-inducing conservative responses, and those were there by the truck-load, too:

We had one of those. You hated her because she was Black.

As opposed to the vulgar speaking sexual predator-and-chief who married a nude model . . . it’s so adorable when these clueless halfwits pretend to have the moral high ground.

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To quote the next response: “this is literally all she’s done.”

“Save our nation from ruin” = “protect dumb white people from the scary inner city Blacks and Spanish speakers.”

And remember: respect begins by marrying a sugar daddy.

And by “class” it should be painfully obvious at this point that they mean “white skin.” I mean, that’s all it’s ever meant.

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