Melania’s Speechwriter Just Came Clean — And It’s Worse Than Trump Could Have Imagined

The plagiarism in Melania Trump’s RNC speech was so blatant that the Trump organization had no choice but to try to weasel their way out of the shame it brought on their already shame-filled campaign. It seems they have come up with the perfect answer: A scapegoat and a highly unlikely story. After defending her rigorously and trying to make light of the situation, Trump released a statement via Twitter from an unknown staff writer who took one for team Donald:


There are two major issues with McIver’s statement that won’t go over very well. First of all, she says Melania read her passages from Michelle Obama’s speech “as examples” and that she later included “the phrasing” in a draft that became the final speech. If that’s true, she is the most inept speechwriter since the person who wrote “Read my lips” for George H.W. Bush. Then, of course, there’s the fact that none of this jives with the story that’s been circulating until now about where the phrasing came from.

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What’s more profound is that in order to save face, Trump had to allow a statement to be released that admits that his wife is an admirer of Michelle Obama, a woman the right has gone out of their way to disparage in any and every way possible. From blaming her for schools that under-fund their lunch programs in red states to accusing her of taking millions of dollars in lavish vacations on the taxpayer’s dime to spreading the lie that she is a man in a gay relationship with the President, not a single nice thing has ever been said about the First Lady in the eight years she’s held the title.

Now the right is supposed to accept that Melania Trump admires her? That’s not going to go over well with the “Moochelle” crowd at all. They’re spent the better part of a decade blaming their problems on her because she likes to garden. Suddenly they’re supposed to just accept that her views are acceptable as long as they come from Donald Trump’s pale white trophy wife?

This will be fun to keep an eye on. We in the liberal blogosphere are perfectly happy that McIver wasn’t allowed to resign. We’re looking forward to “I have a dream” when Trump hits the stage to accept the nomination.

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  • Eric

    Let us also note that this may be the first time ever that someone made a mistake and we’re not summarily fired. That just smacks of political expediency, but when have we been inclined to expect any less than the BEST political expediency the world has to offer?