Michelle Obama’s Carpool Karaoke Is A Welcome Break From The Stupidity Of The RNC (VIDEO)

The Republican National Convention is in full swing, inundating our news feeds with idiocy. From plagiarized speeches to Hitler salutes, the Caucasian Convention is giving us more than our share of mind-numbingly stupid things to read about.

It gets so bad that we really just need some relief. It’s a good thing we’re Democrats and that the doom and gloom of the GOP don’t spill over into the reality of our lives. ISIS isn’t in my bushes waiting to kill me. There isn’t some 42 percent unemployment rate destroying the lives of my neighbors. Iran not having access to nuclear weapons is a good thing. You know…reality. Where our country is no longer in the ruins left by the Bush administration and we can actually enjoy the thought of our children having a future.

It’s only fair that while the GOP applauds their leaders and icons on stage for spouting rhetoric and inciting hate that we find things to make us smile. There’s only so many actors of the caliber of Chachi and so many personalities as racist as Ingraham that we can suffer in a day before we need a break. First Lady Michelle Obama and James Corden are providing that with an extra-long segment of “Carpool Karaoke” you’ll never forget:

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I will absolutely take Michelle Obama, Missy Elliot and James Corden over anyone speaking at the RNC, even if it was fun to watch Ted  Cruz get himself booed off stage.

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