Middle Eastern Airlines Are Trolling The F*ck Out Of United (VIDEO)

Oh boy, United Airlines is having a terrible time, aren’t they? First, they got a ton of criticism after forcing a woman and child change out of their leggings before boarding a flight. About two weeks later, a video of a bloodied passenger being violently dragged from his seat and removed from the flight he paid for went viral. Then, a bunch of passengers started telling their United horror stories. And now, other airlines are looking to cash in on all of their f*ck ups, by mocking them in new advertisements.

The Dubai-based Emirates released a 35 second ad using United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz’s own words and the company’s slogan against them:


And Emirates isn’t the only airline that is screwing with United, Qatar Airways is getting in on it too.

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Before I tell you what Qatar did, you may need some background really quickly. Earlier this week, shortly after the dragging incident, a meme circulated claiming United had an unfortunate update on their cellphone app:

The “update” turned out to be fake, but Qatar Airways capitalized on it anyway with their own app update:


I’m going to take a wild guess and say that United is going to feel the backlash of their mistakes for months to come and they deserve it all. Hopefully, American airlines also get in on the trolling, because in a world where Donald Trump is dropping huge bombs, we need the giggles.

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