Mike Huckabee’s April Fools Joke Is Just About the Dumbest Frickin’ Thing You’ll Ever See

Somebody needs to tell Mike Huckabee that of the many things he is — including a racist religious zealot with delusions of grandeur — funny isn’t one of them. His attempt at April Fools Day humor is living, breathing proof.

Early in the morning of this fine April 1st, as I was already annoyed by a lack of coffee creamer and a fresh foot of snow in my southern Maine yard, I came across a tweet by Mike Huckabee that made my face do one of those “huh?” little distorted looks:

Now…keep in mind that this went out at just before 4AM, because…that’s what time lunatics who want to be the next Donald Trump post things. The replies were non-existent because of just how obvious the “joke” was.
Lo and behold, a full five minutes later, the Huckster revealed his master troll and exposed the greatest April Fools joke of all time:

I struggled to find the point to something so stupid being sent out at such a ridiculous time of day and could find none. So…being that pointless stupidity is apparently the objective today, I figured I’d write about it and waste your time as well.

Happy April Fools Day. Remember, this shit is Mike Huckabee’s fault, not mine.

Oh, and I found the creamer. It turns out I was spelling “Bailey’s Irish Cream” wrong. Yeah — it’s 8 AM. Don’t judge me.

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