Mike Huckabee’s Sad Attempt At Humor Pisses Off Dumb Trumpsters Who Just…Don’t Get It (TWEETS)

Mike Huckabee apparently decided to start his Friday morning off with a couple of shots of bourbon and possibly a bong hit or two. The former Arkansas Governor, self-proclaimed more righteous than you Christian and architect of the Kim Davis movement has been stumping for Trump on Twitter for months now, but Friday’s first installment was…unusual.

Huckabee apparently thought he’d add “comedian” to his list of things he thinks he’s good at when he tweeted out this…whatever this is:

Just…what? That’s an interesting analogy, Governor. If it was meant to be funny, it wasn’t. It’s obnoxious and stupid, which is about par for your course. The best part about it is while your little joke was meant to be an endorsement of Trump and yet another rip on Clinton, the idiots who follow you and cherish Lord Cheeto didn’t quite get it. You see, Governor, when you address the intellectually impaired, you should never insult their candidate in the first sentence. Reading the second sentence isn’t something they’re compelled — or qualified — to do.

It truly is hilarious, because all they saw was “Trump is a car wreck.” As true as the statement is and as unnecessary as it would be to read on, I’m still obliged to stop for a moment and share some of the witless imbeciles’ responses:

Poor little hapless nitwits. There are dozens more comments like those. “But…but…a car wreck is bad, mkay? Very bad.”

Derpa. Derpa. Doo.

Governor Huckabee has been riding the irrelevant train to nowhere for some time now with other no-longer notable asshats like Sarah Palin, Scott Baio and Newt Gingrich. Together they form a perfect trio of “who the f*ck cares what you think.” It is, however, always fun when one of them tried to pull off something clever like this. Palin has been drunken ranting about criminal indictments that aren’t going to happen, Chachi is waist-deep in Alex Jones conspiracy theories, Gingrich is still trying to make people forget that he’s the angry old guy forced to resign from the Speaker’s position and Huckabee is…Mike Huckabee.

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Just for giggles, let’s go through some of the replies from the trolls — people dear to my heart — who have taken the time to give the Huckster a little lesson in reality:

That’ll do, trolls. That’ll do.

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