Mike Pence’s Fans Cheer After His Most Moronic Move Yet

Today, Pence cast a tie-breaking vote that would lead to harsher restrictions imposed on Planned Parenthood, an organization that provides healthcare for the poor, and in particular, poor women.

As you can imagine, all this has made the Reich-wingers very, very happy campers. After all, they get to punish women who have sex, since it violates their twisted Bronze Age morality. What more could they ask for?

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Not whole lot more, as it turns out. Especially not an effective government that works in their interest, since that might be useful and productive to Black Americans, as well. God knows we can’t have that, so they become Moral Crusaders™ out to protect The Unborn™. It beats the hell out of having to admit their entire ideology is founded on support for segregation and racism.

Naturally, they were out in droves to celebrate on Facebook:

“Well, you knew the risks when you got in the car, so you have no room to complain about the accident making you paraplegic.” Yep. Solid logic, champ.

And here’s your daily dose of meaningless bullshit appeals to emotion unmoored from fact or reality.

Science suggests life began about 3.5 billion years ago. I have no idea what Archeaon-era prokaryotes have to do with abortion or murder.

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Of course, if you want the real deal, you have go to the source: the Fox News comment threat associated with the story. Here’s some choice ones:

Don’t call it a comeback. Like Herpes, it never left.

Which is why allsmyles here probably supports the death penalty and opposes universal healthcare, contraceptives, and the usual suspects. “Right to life.” Sure.

I’ll just leave this here. Note that I refuse to debate abortion in a straightforward fashion because there’s no logical defense for it. None at all.

Conservative government: keeping the African-American population in check since 1776.

No wonder Republicans like it so much. Hell, it even gives them the chance to play hero without having to do anything. It’s like a win-win, except nobody wins, everyone loses, and the self-righteous stupid never goes away.

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