Minutes After The Debate Ended Trump Took To Twitter To Claim He Was Cheated

Well that didn’t take long.

Donald trump, who had just been beaten to a bloody pulp for 90 minutes by an opponent so far out of his league it’s preposterous, did the only thing he knows how to do: Claim he was treated unfairly:

Poor Donald. He looked like such a petulant little child up there. His obvious case of the sniffles aside, his lack of preparation, lack of personality, lack of ability to actually compose a coherent thought and lack of any human decency came through perfectly. No, Donald. Nobody wants to listen to right-wing conspiracy theories. Secretary Clinton covered emails. The Clinton Foundation, unlike your sham charities, actually does charitable work. Please go home, have a good cry and try again October 9th.

We here at GOPocalypse would like to congratulate Secretary Clinton on not just a win but a blowout.

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