Mitt Romney Just Tweeted Everything You Need To Know About Trump’s SCOTUS Pick

On Tuesday evening Donald Trump announced his pick for the empty Supreme Court seat that should be occupied by Merrick Garland. His selection was an Antonin Scalia clone named Neil Gorsuch. On Wednesday morning former Trump foe Mitt Romney tweeted his approval of the choice.

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The key word in that tweet is “faithfulness.” Gorsuch is loved by religious conservatives for his dissent on the contraception coverage requirement in Obamacare and his arguments against assisted suicide laws. Romney’s choice of words may have been a sign to right-wing “Christians” that Gorsuch is their man.

Twitter users were either very concerned about Gorsuch’s record on religious issues, or they picked up on Romney’s subtle wording, and they went after the former presidential candidate, no holds barred.

One user made it very clear that she had picked up on Romney’s use of the word “faithfulness.”

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Poor old Mittens didn’t get much support. While some were bashing him over separation of church and state, others were mocking him for being humiliated by the great Orange Emperor.

(Actually he lost all credibility long before that.)

Some Democratic senators are already starting to waver on Gorsuch. But Romney’s tweet gives them a good reminder of why they should fight the nomination and force Republicans to end the filibuster to confirm him. If Democrats cave in now and approve Gorsuch without a fight if Trump gets a chance to nominate another justice the same story will play out again. If the “faithfulness” of Neil Gorsuch is a comfort to Mitt Romney, it should be setting off alarm bells with everybody else.

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