Morons Who Voted For Lord P*ssy Grabber Trump Go Berserk Over Amy Schumer’s Barbie Role

Between the various comic book movies, Hollywood studios have been making a nice little dollar mining out nostalgia-driven properties, whether it’s G.I. JoeTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, or Transformers.  Even certain games, like Battleship, have gotten into the act, and I keep hearing about a Tetris-based movie (of course, there’s also Pixels, but the less said about that the better). The most recent property in this corporate craze to cash in on nostalgia appears to be Barbie, who is going to be getting her own movie in summer 2018, with comedian Amy Schumer as the iconic doll.

The movie is described by the Guardian as, “an Enchanted-style mix of animation and live action which sees Schumer evicted from Barbieland for eccentricities.”

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I would rather see something like the Princess Diaries, but then, who wouldn’t?

Of course, it’s not that Schumer has been cast to play Barbie that’s news — no, it’s the upset that it caused, since the right-wing are going absolutely bonkers over it:


Nothing lets you know you’re dealing with a rational, thinking adult like the phrase “feminazi.”


Nugent said he would be in jail if Obama won, but he’s still running free without a muzzle or collar despite laws against stray animals. Perhaps this isn’t the hill he wants to die on?



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Politics? In comics? So Superman, the first superhero, didn’t get his start as a socialist defender of the New Deal who punished a corrupt mine owner, a senator with ties to arms manufacturing, or exposed a corrupt and greedy executive set on fleecing the public back in the 1930s?

Good to know. Notice how Superman isn’t socialist anymore and isn’t concerned with wealth distribution? Conservatives really need to keep their politics out of comics and stop censoring alternative viewpoints.

One theme that I see here, time and again, is the criticism of her “behavior” and “attitude.” It’s “not appropriate” for their daughters. Okay, let’s give them that and say it isn’t appropriate. How do you think they square that, then, with the psychotic narcissist they voted for who claims to “grab [women] by the pussy,” raped a 13-year-old, and lies like a rug when called out? Schumer isn’t an appropriate role model, but Donald Trump is?

Ah, but I forget: It’s Okay If You’re A Republican.

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